Good Morning …. at 2am fml

So I’m writing this, perched on the most uncomfortable toddler seat, in the dark by the door of my daughters bedroom. Rocking Saturday night in the Coombs household!!! We are currently going through a sleep regression, separation anxiety, general pain in the arse non-sleeping thing with Bean at the moment and it’s hard.

When I had Bean she was a diamond and would sleep through from 10pm to 8am, mostly because she was bottle fed. Unfortunately I couldn’t breast feed due to circumstances around my birth and the trauma my body endured. And so I didn’t experience the nightly cluster feeds or frequent wake up calls my other friends were experiencing. But I didn’t brag about the luxurious sleep we were having at that time because I didn’t think it fair. So why now are we going through this shitty sleep regime?

Nightly Bean takes time to go to bed and generally she will wake as we go up to bed (Lindam you make the noisiest stair gate locks when your trying to be stealth like getting upstairs) and up to 6 times in the night. We have tried everything from mood lighting in her room, sleep playlists on the Sonos speaker, soothing oils on her feet, relaxing baby massage before bed and a calm bedtime routine but nothing seems to be working. Still we hear the hurried pitter patter of tiny feet in the middle of the night, and believe me they are not a joy to be heard. Our last resort is going to be a stair gate on her bedroom door so she remains in her room to cry it out rather than coming into our bedroom demanding ‘come on mummy’ as bleary eyed I try to find my glasses to take her back to bed. But the thought of that is hard as I find it somewhat cruel, although I definitely need a semi-reasonable nights sleep than the snooze I’m getting currently.

So once the replacement fittings arrive we will trial bedtime lockdown and hope for the best. Watch this space ……

Ohhh snoring from the 2 year old time to practice my non-existent SAS training and stealthily crawl/tiptoe/manoeuvre across the landing to avoid creaky floorboards (and creaky body joints which somehow can stir the deepest of sleepers) to get back to bed. Nightie night until the next wake up call in T-minus 2 hours approx (it’s been every 20 minutes the past hour fml).